Hello Hugo

Starting a blog, using Hugo, hosted on Github, for reasons.

I was watching videos from Xamarin Evolve 2016 the other day, when something a little different came up. It was a presentation by John Sonmez titled 5 Soft Skills Every Developer Should Know. It was somewhat obnoxious, especially at the beginning, but he made some very good points.

One of those points was - Rather than think about yourself as an employee, think of yourself instead as a business with only one customer. His motivation was that from that perspective you focus on business concerns, and thus become more focused and productive. He also made a digression on branding, personal branding.

He said that, though developers generally have a dim view on anything related to marketing, they are doing themselves a disservice. He particularly recommended starting a blog, and making a point of posting on it. I have recently been looking to become a full-time software developer, and I've found it very hard to express my skills, abilities, and motivation with a resume and a cover letter.

So now I'm here.

I don't actually have any expectations for this blog. I am considering it primarily an exercise in daily discipline, and an outlet for things I'm excited about. I've written a lot of cool code over the years. I've found amazing resources and had great insights. I've done so much, but I have no record of any of it.

Anyway, todays awesome is Hugo.

Hugo is a static site generator. It was very easy to setup and use, but it also packs a lot of power. I actually spent about a day playing with its theme support, figuring out how pages get built from end to end. The HTML templating and the way data and content get injected is really cool. I'm still working on getting something that looks decent though.

So that is the plan - Find something interesting to write about every day.