Setting Everything Up

In which I setup Github hosting, Disqus Comments, Google Analytics and AdSense.

After spending some time yesterday customizing the Polymer theme I changed my mind and switched to a theme called Geppaku. Both the style and the structure of Geppaku are simpler, which makes it easier to understand and change. I darkened the colors a little, and added some accents, but the Geppaku code is mostly unchanged.

First cool thing: Geppaku uses something called Font Awesome for its icons. I had to customize the images that came with Polymer, but with FA I had everything I needed.

With the visual styling basically setup I had to turn to the technical - actually getting this thing online. I'm still not that confident in how to setup the Git and Github parts though, so instead I played around with some extras. Hugo claims to support easy integration with Google Analytics and Discus Comments, and the Geppaku theme comes with Google AdSense integration (sorry).

Second cool thing: Signing up for Google Analytics and Disqus Comments were both easy. With that account info I just added a couple strings to my Hugo config and everything worked. AdSense on the other hand seems to have some (lengthy) approval process, so I slapped some dummy templates in until I get the AdSense code.

With nothing else left to futz with I had to decide how to push to Github. By now I've read all the Hugo Github tutorials at least a couple of times. Most of the material is on creating project pages which use a specially named branch for content. I'm going with a normal personal page though, which just serves from the root of the main branch. I would prefer to keep the whole thing in one repo, but any way I come up with just seems awkward. Instead I'm setting up one repo of the source code, and a sub-repo for the content.

I might still try to automate building/pushing the site, but at this point I've spent far too long getting this working.


Well, the deploy didn't go as smooth as it could have. It seems I was using a really old version of Git (MSYS Git 1.7.1), and something had broken since the last time I pushed to Github. Every time I tried to push I got fatal: authentication failed or worse. The solution was to install the latest Git for Windows which comes with real auth support.

As a result though some paths got broken, the Git vim became default and broke my vimrc, I then broke Vundle when doing :BundleUpgrade. It was a cluster, but everything is working now.

On the AdSense front - They did in fact get to my application same day. They promptly rejected it because the site wasn't up yet. Which works out really well if you were waiting to setup AdSense before going live...

I did test the site on a few computers, my Note III, and an old Samsung tablet. It adapts well enough, but the main div gets crowded on the right margin on narrow screens.