Big Pitch - Mild Depression

I make a bid to change the job I have into the job I want, with luke-warm result.

It seems, for whatever reason, the people I work with don't want me to leave. Lucky for them my greatest success so far in my job search has been getting some feedback on a few of my rejected my applications.

Knowing that I want to move to a software development role; some people in my office have been making noises at higher levels. As a result I got a chance today to pitch a member of the executive leadership team. One of the projects I have in mind would solve workload and staffing problems we've been having, and also capture valuable data that we are currently throwing away.

On Tuesday I prepared some graphics and application mockups, and worked on my delivery. The meeting got pushed from Wednesday due to a last minute schedule change, but I spent basically all day today selling my plan. As a result of my efforts and seemingly convincing arguments I've received a resounding meh.

Now I knew going in that the person I was trying to sell this to didn't actually have the power to make anything happen. He is very sharp though, and he has the ear of the CEO and other executives that can make decisions. If I got him on my side I might have a chance of making a new position for myself.

In the end he agreed that if I could do what I said, and if I could adapt it to the variety of business models that exist in our company, he thought it would be worthwhile. He did not seem very optimistic about my chances of getting green-lit with a budget though, especially not any time soon.

It turns out though that the CFO is actually currently tasked with resolving the very problems my system would address. He is on vacation right now, which gives me a little time to build a prototype and refine my pitch.

The question is whether it is really worth my time. I'll be working unpaid building something nobody asked for to try and sell it to someone who doesn't want it, or me for that matter.

So yeah, I was feeling pretty low today when I left the office. The last three months of hard work trying to get a job have been a complete failure, and my big chance to fix the job I have ended in apathetic mediocrity.

Today was also my self imposed drop-dead date - the day where I either get some kind of concession in my current job, or quit outright and re-focus on my job search. I expected the outcome of todays meeting to push me one way or the other but instead I'm just more disillusioned and indecisive.

Edit - Resolution

Well I've made a decision. With no active projects, and no indication that I will get paid for what I've been working on, there are no reasons left for me to stay any longer. Even acknowledging those realities it was a hard choice. In the end I flipped a coin - best two out of three - to decide if I should stay and build my prototype, twice. I was flipping heads to stay, but the coins came up tails every flip...