New year, new job, new tech

After a long search I finally found my first dev position.

Well, it took over five months, but I finally got hired. I now work for a smallish agency here in Washington state as a software developer. They have a lot of older apps written in ASP.Net WebUI using a widget set from some place called Telerik. They also have about the same number of apps written against SharePoint 2013, and a handful of legacy apps built in a variety of ways.

Leading up to my hire I had taken a break from this blog. Not strictly because I had "burnt out" on it or some such, but mainly because I was doing a lot of online training and some courses on Coursera and none of it seemed worth writing about. I will endorse the Stanford University " Algorithms: Design and Analysis" courses though. They were well done, and made an interesting compliment to the MIT-OCW algorithms lectures.

I actually started work back in the middle of December. Amidst the whirlwind of new hire setup and the normal holiday rush I didn't have time to think about blogging. Since then I have been playing catchup learning all these strange Microsoft technologies I have never touched before. I did manage to get a few things done, but nothing terribly interesting. Mainly just hacking through the jungle of legacy "enterprise" code left over from an earlier time.

The working environment is good, they seem to have a reasonably good agile methodology. They are generally conservative about what tech they use, but their motivation to improve their processes leaves an opening for new ideas. The work isn't the most interesting I could imagine, but I am getting a lot of good exposure/experience.

More recently though I've been playing with some interesting things, and writing some potentially useful code, so I would like to get this blog back up and running. Hopefully I can get things written-up before the details start to fade.