Archive: Code

Unemployed Project - Frontend

Fun with Bootstrap, JQuery, Knockout, Typescript, and more.

Unemployed Project - Untested

Even more ecosystem problems, now with working forms.

Unemployment Project - Breakthrough

Surmounting the challenge of API churn in the MS ecosystem.

Unemployment Project - Struggle

Trying to formulate a design while reeling under a pile of new technologies.

Home Grown DOM Animations

Using core.async to animate DOM properties.

Analyzing Autolisp with Python - Analyze

Woo, yet another weak parser implementation - conclusion.

Analyzing Autolisp with Python - Parse

Woo, yet another weak parser implementation - continued.

Analyzing Autolisp with Python - Setup

Woo, yet another weak parser implementation.

ClojureScript lows as low as the highs

Dependency resolution quirks bring progress to a halt, temporarily.

ClojureScript in PyQt4 QWebView - More testing

Because testing is more fun than real work?