Archive: Csharp

Playing with the SharePoint Rest APIs

By way of starting from the outside I try talking to SharePoint via Rest.

Roguelike Project - Off By One

Fixing a discrete mathematics bug and fixing scrolling responsivity.

Roguelike Project - Sim Infrastructure

Building out map generation and decoupling chunks from generation.

Roguelike Project - Chunks

Building the simulation side and hooking it up to the MapViewController.

Roguelike Project - Tile Selection

Automatically selecting graphic tile variation based on neighborhood.

Roguelike Project - Reactivity

Replacing events and delegates with observables.

Roguelike Project - Adding Abstractions

Going from a tile renderer to a map provider.

Roguelike Project - Tile Rendering

Loading sprite maps and rendering animations.

Roguelike Project - Tentative Start

Starting to start a new project.

Unemployed project - Published

Primary features finished, app published to Azure!