Archive: Csharp

Unemployed project - Testing Typescript

Setting up Typescript unit testing in Visual Studio with Chutzpah.

Unemployed project - Migration

Learning the hard way not to trust automatic migrations.

Unemployed project - Knockout Templates

Building modular chunks of HTML and reusing them with Knockout.

Unemployed project - Serialization

A Entity Framework serialization issue solved by data sanitization.

Unemployed project - Progress

Slow but steady progress toward a usable application.

Unemployed project - Testing

Getting a test config working, and a Github repo setup.

Unemployed Project - Frontend

Fun with Bootstrap, JQuery, Knockout, Typescript, and more.

Unemployed Project - Untested

Even more ecosystem problems, now with working forms.

Unemployment Project - Breakthrough

Surmounting the challenge of API churn in the MS ecosystem.

Unemployment Project - Struggle

Trying to formulate a design while reeling under a pile of new technologies.